[AUCTION] 54 Mob Heads Every type

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  1. [AUCTION] 54 Mob Heads Every type
    Item: An assortment of 54 Mob Heads

    4 each of : skeleton, zombie, creeper, slime, spider, cave spider, enderman
    4 each of : blaze, pig-man, magma slime, wither-skull
    2 each of: pig, chicken, sheep, cow
    1 each of: Ghast, Villager

    Starting Bid: 40k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1r
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after the last valid bid
  2. To high. This should be 10k. Reprted thread.
  3. The auction host may set the price at whatever they please.

    This bid stands.
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  4. Bump...As well Id like to add...The wither skulls alone are worth 16k, Not to mention the ghast or villager head. If your comment was meant as a deterrent to other bids I ask staff to address that, but i realize you simply may not have noticed these 6 more valuable heads.
  5. Sorry if this is an post that doesn't follow the rules, but there are two mob head types missing: Ocelot and Mooshroom.

    This is still an awesome auction and I expect it to go much higher. I just wanted people to know.
  6. I believe that this would be fine, because it stands outside of the bump time range. The poster could not bump now until approx. 8:20 emc time.

    (Free bump)
  7. *Facepalms* I thought I had them all,...well whats done is done. bump.
  8. Can you get heads from baby animals?
  9. You Won! Access chest will be at my res smp8. Turn right. Payment expected at time of pickup. Thank you.
  10. Short auction lol
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