[Auction] 54 Melon Heads Special Edition

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by A_Dolphin, Dec 1, 2013.

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  1. That's right, melon heads!
    54 melon heads
    Starting bid: 5000r
    Bid increment: 500r
    Ends: 24 hours after the last valid bid has been placed.
    Pick up at 2222 after payment has been received.
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  2. ??????
    5,555r :eek:
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  3. What the...? Are there dirt heads too? 5k
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  4. Ninja'd:C
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  5. 10k
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  6. How are these obtained?
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  7. renamed player heads in a anvil
    which leads me to question, don't the account names have to be listed?
  8. No, according to nick, I think these are actual melon heads.
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  9. Not sure if mojang or EMC, but with the spider heads and other new mob heads, they are renamed heads as well, but I mean it's still 54 of it so it's not invalid
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  10. Italic text, they're renamed.
    The mob heads etc. can be obtained normally, and work off the MHF names, these are from a regular player and have been renamed in an anvil to say melon head.
    I was merely curious to see if the account had to be listed.
  11. Only creeper zombie and skeleton ones are non italicizes I believe. Didn't it strike you odd how the texture was a Steve head?
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  12. If the player's skin changes, then won't the head textures change too?
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  13. Well, I knew from the start what account he used anyway, took me one minute to find it.
    ^This as well, I just don't think they should be auction as melon heads when they're strictly not, just a renamed, regular players head, which could change at any time.
  14. So should it be added that they are renamed player heads in the OP? The account might not be necessary, but the rest will to avoid confusion.

    Unless these are legit heads that popped out of melons. :p
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  15. ^That would do it yeah.
  16. thread closed at op request, unfortunately you must list the account name in the auction to prevent confusion
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