[AUCTION] 50 Double Chests Of Sugarcane

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Smongoman, Feb 26, 2014.

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  1. Hello here is an auction for 50 Double chests of Sugarcane for anyone who like villager trading or just likes sugary foods.

    Starting bid: 10,000r

    Minimum bid increase: 250r

    Auction will be done 48 hours after the last bid

    Pickup at 8735 on smp4 or i can deliver for an extra 500r
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  2. bump guys at 10k each stack is less than 4r! Also if you have an infinite villager for 24 paper that is 7,200 emeralds you could get also know as 12.5 stacks of emerald blocks based on my calculations or 144k if you sell the emeralds for 20r a piece.
  3. Might I suggest auctioning 50 dc of paper instead? People would be more inclined to buy paper because they wouldn't spend the time trying to make paper from the sugarcane. I know I would buy it :)
  4. I would definitely bid on this but honestly I have no time to convert 50 DCS of sugarcane, maybe convert the paper then I'll happily bid 10k :)
  5. ok well i guess ill wait to see but if it doesnt sell ill do paper
  6. 10k to double my cane inventory :)
  7. 12500 rupees!
  8. 13000, will be a pain to change to paper but I need it! :)
  9. 15,000Rupees Nah, converting to paper is the easy part...not much can go wrong!
  10. i ain't willing to pay 300r per DC lol
  11. bump 300r per dc isnt even very much
  12. bump this is pretty cheap for 50 double chests of sugarcane think of all the emeralds or books you could make
  13. Won, Paid 15,500 total.
    Please deliver to 15081.
    50 DC are set up there, you have container access.

    Let me know when you will deliver!

    I will post again when all 50 DC are in the chests!
  14. ok all the 50 dc's are delivered thanks
  15. Thanks, All 50 DC has been delivered!
    Thanks! Please close auction thread.
Thread Status:
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