[Auction]5 Stacks of Notch apples purple text

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Vortixin, May 10, 2016.


Will you Like me to auction off more?

Yes 21 vote(s) 80.8%
NO 5 vote(s) 19.2%
  1. 535k i need it to just get some
  2. *edit* 537k chat lag
  3. Leave you have one Josh please pay and I will drop it off at your place
    yes I know where you live or I'll set up a chest in my mall
    And I will find you lol
  4. lol sorry about that i believe u have won josh please pay ASAP
  5. hahha all g coming on now
  6. Selling My DC of them at 15497
    get them while there in stock