[AUCTION] 5 stacks of diamonds

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  1. Item: Diamond
    How many: 5 stacks (320 diamonds)
    Auction starting bid: 16,500r
    Increments 300r
    Ends: a24 hours after last bid.
  2. Was this approved by a mod?
  3. my bad...
  4. didn't know diamonds (in bulk) had to be approved.
  5. Even if it does get approved thats 52r per diamond id rather just go buy them for 35-45 as singles
  6. don't be a smart ass on my threads please.
  7. He wasn't being a smartass, he was stating the facts.

    "Auctions are designed for only the rarest of items. At this time, we consider that to be any enchanted item or dragon eggs."

    Sorry buy you cannot host this auction as it's not rare and it was not approved.
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  8. Closing thread not approved by IcecreamCow or Shaunwhite1982.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.