[auction] 5 enchanted books [unbreaking 3]

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  1. Auction: 5 unbreaking 3 enchanted books

    Starting bid: 100r

    Minimum bid Increase: 100r

    Conclusion of Auction: 24 hours after last Vaid Bid!

    Auction Pick up: Once payment is sent to Deathtomb8953 Auction can be picked up at smp9 Res No. 18313
  2. Five-point-two-kay :U
  3. 5.shfifty tree k (5.53) :D encase the words don't count as numbers and people getting tired of it :p
  4. Sity. Tirty Tree K (6.33k)
  5. I should probably start sellong them for more, didn't know they webt for this much :D
  6. Selling* Went* lol
  7. Six shifity tree K (6.53) :D

    Yeah not many shops have these in stock 24/7 so i sell for 2k and they go so fast it makes it hard for me to hold on to them as well. I've made it so anything that is max lvl and is highly wanted 2k at my shop except for Sharpness5 because it is super rare and fought over for main enchant on a sword so i sell that at 2.5k. I don't want to be undercut so someone could just go and pop up 10k God sword on auction with my books that I nicely sell from personal stock.
  8. I win! 7000r has been paid to Deathtomb8953
  9. chest is up at 18313 on smp9
  10. Nothing is in the access chest.
  11. give me 1 min forgot to add the books should be there now for you
  12. Thank you so much!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.