[AUCTION] 5 Double Chests Of Diamond Picks

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  1. Items: 5 Double Chests of Diamond Picks

    Maximum Bid Increments: 20,000

    Starting Bid: 5,000r

    Auction Ends: 48 Hours after LAST bidder!!! :)

    2012-08-26_18.55.14.png 2012-08-26_18.55.07.png 2012-08-26_18.54.45.png 2012-08-26_18.54.52.png 2012-08-26_18.55.01.png 2012-08-26_18.55.07.png 2012-08-26_18.55.14.png
    Sorry, Added to many Pictures :p
  2. Maximum bid 20k
    Starting bid 5k
    Er Whut?
  3. You can only auction one double chest at a time.
  4. who knows

  5. Um I believe the minimum bid is 20k. So the next valid bid would be... 25k.
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  6. i got it approved chill
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  7. Never mind he can do the auction it was approved
  8. *AUCTION OVER* to many problems
  9. Problems lol more like misunderstandings and you can't end an auction when you have a bid already.
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