[ Auction ] 5 DC of enderpearls

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  1. Item Auctioning: 5 DC of enderpearls
    Starting: 500r
    Increase: 500r
    End: 48hours after last valid bid

    Happy Biddings

  2. BUMP... will @ziemer2 win w/ only 1k?
  3. I hope so...lol
  4. 3K comin ur way
  5. BUMP, 1 day left
  6. Ok, at 5:32PM EMC Time, Auction will end, will @Zieme win with 3k? BUMP
  7. Ok @Ziemer2 wins
    Once I receive payment, chests will be set up :p
  8. SWEET!! Thanks I will send payment ingame....
  9. payment sent
  10. wow, so cheeep
  11. yeppers..lucky me!!!
  12. Ok, setting up chest now, thank you all for auctioning!
  13. At my 4th res
  14. will need res number and smp..thanks
  15. ok smp7, /v14765
  16. got it thanks
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