[Auction] 42 Items with level V enchantment

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  1. Item description
    42 Unused enchanted tools/weapons, each having a level V enchantment.
    All tools being diamond tier, except for bows.

    2x Smite V
    2x Smite V, Knockback II
    1x Smite V, Fire Aspect II
    8x Bane of Arthropods V
    2x Bane of Arthropods V, Knockback II
    1x Bane of Arthropods V, Looting II

    11x Power V, Punch II
    6x Power V, Flame I

    1x Efficiency V
    3x Efficiency V, Unbreaking III

    1x Efficiency V

    4x Efficiency V, Unbreaking III

    Total of 16 swords, 17 bows, 4 pickaxes, 1 spade and 4 axes.

    Starting Bid
    5 Rupees

    Minimum bid increment
    250 Rupees

    Auction ends
    24 Hours after latest bid

    Upon winning this auction, the items will be available to be claimed on SMP3, residence 6621, after payment is made.
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  2. OMG I love theesesesesese!!!!!! 42k :D
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  3. Isent it impossible to get to lvl 5 with a lvl 30enchant?
  4. I think thise enchantments are still from 1.2
  5. Some level V enchantments are impossible to get on 1.3, such as sharpness V, power V and efficiency V. The only possible ones to get now are smite V and bane of arthropods V, though very rare.

    Yep. These items were obtained before 1.3.
  6. So it makes them a collectors? :eek: I know you can repair them and keep them forever now with the anvils...
  7. I hate see you.

  8. To bid or not to bid
  9. lol y
    Yours. lol
  10. I thank you,dea
    I thank you,dear cypher :)
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