AUCTION: 40 iron ore.

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  1. Starting bid is 150R
    Bids must go up by 50R
    Ends when I get up.\

  2. Uhhhhh....
    Why does it cost so much?
  3. You could make a full set of iron armourer and have enough for a sword but I guess I can make it 150.
  4. Ya, 40 unrefined iron should not cost that much. I have payed 80 for that much, but even then, I could go out and collect 10 times that amount in 2 hours.
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  5. Fine, 50 BUT NOT A CENT LESS.
  6. Honam wins. Come and pick it up on my lot. SMP3 7291.
  7. I will send you the rupees now.I will collect them once I have pay