[AUCTION] 4 Various Promos :D

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from the other side 13 vote(s) 61.9%
At least I can say that I've tried 2 vote(s) 9.5%
I wanna go home now. 6 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. Hello!

    Items: 2 2015 Avalaunchers, 1 *Empire Firework* for 2014, Holiday Candle, and Headless Horseman Axe
    Starting Bid: 10,000 Empire Rupees
    Bid Increment: 1,000 Empire Rupees
    Auction Ends: 48 hours after last VALID bid
    Pick-up Location: /mail or /v 16826
  2. Has the auction stahpt? I THINK NOT! BUMP!
  3. Sadly we got a winner of 51K ;-;

    Please pay and I will mail you the items :)
  4. dang i was just alittle too late
  5. Have you mail them yet?
  6. Yes I have, sorry for the wait :p
  7. It's cool thanks hehe great deal