Auction:4 stacks of Blaze rods

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  1. Hi guys

    I am right now selling 4 stacks of Blaze rods.

    There are Right now: 4 stacks left.

    Maximum Bid on All is 5500
    Maximum bid for one is 1600

    Please tell if you want to bid on one or all that are left

    No jokes when bidding
    Voting will end 24h after last bid
    You can pick it up on SMP1 or Utopia
    There is a special price,You Cant buy the item for 20rupees :D
    You must bid atleast 100rupees over the person before you
    You can only pay with rupees or alot of diamonds
    If you want to buy the item Direkt,Send me a text,But You have to bid high to get it at once :p

    Special Rules for this actuion
    If you wish to buy using diamonds,You must Private Text me.Klick on my name and Choose "Start a conversation".

    Bidding starts in 3,2,1,Start!

  2. 1000 for all
  3. One or all???
  4. 1100 for all
  5. 1500 for all
  6. 1700 all
  7. Travo97,You win,Please Pay and please tell me where I should set up a shop...