[Auction] 4 sets of starter gear

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  1. This auction contains 4x New Player Guide books (two of them don't stack), 4x Starter Axe, 4x Starter Boots, 4x Starter Bow, 4x Starter Chestplate, 4x Starter Helmet, 4x Starter Hoe, 4x Starter Horse (no stats, unspawned; one of them doesn't stack), 4x Starter Leggings, 4x Starter Pickaxe, 4x Starter Shield, 4x Starter Shovel, 4x Starter Sword, and 16x Empire Assistant.

    Minimum bid: 1r
    Minimum increment: 1r
    Ends 48 hours after last bid.
    Will be available for pickup on smp2 at /v 4567 s by default. Delivery also available by request.

    Note: The items in this auction are currently available via /promo newplayer and /assist new.
  2. Looks like I won :)

    Payment sent
  3. Items have been picked up, auction can be closed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.