Auction. 4 Double Chests of 4 diffrent kinds of potions!

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  1. Item: 4 Double Chests of 4 diffrent kinds of potions, that are( 1 double chest of instant health level 2, 1 double chest of Swiftness extended (8:00), 1 double chest of fire resisitance extended (8:00), and 1 double chest of potion of strength extended (8:00).

    Strating Bid : 6500r

    Minimun bid increments : 1000r

    Auction Ending Time : The auction will end 24 hours after last bid been posted. 2013-01-01_19.58.57.png 2013-01-01_19.59.01.png 2013-01-01_19.59.05.png 2013-01-01_19.59.10.png
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  2. When the auction end the winer will need to go to smp7 , res 14725 , so were he or she will pay and then i will give the chests. Happy new Year, and that at the photo is me with my brother in the Happy new year party, i am the pink cloth guy.
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  3. 1. Only bump every three hours.
    2. I am not sure if this auction is approved. Four double chests of the same potions would be fine, but I do not know if different potions are allowed.
  4. And 6500r? Good luck with that.
  5. Ok then sorry, i will auction them in differnets auctions
  6. It might be fine, just see if a mod will approve it.
  7. Aikar and margaritte say that is fine , so we can start the auction but the starting bid will be of 2000r
  8. But the minimun increment is 1000r
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  9. Starting bid, 2000r, just like you said.
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  10. RainbowChin is correct. In most auctions the first bid placed is equal to the starting bid. If you wanted the starting bid at 3k you should have requested it as such.
  11. i say that Minimun bid increments : is and will be 1000r
  12. And it will be, but Ninja's bid is still valid.
  13. gah, ninja'd :p
  14. Margaritte in the lead with 3K! :D
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