Auction 4 Beacons

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by cowland123, Sep 15, 2013.

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  1. Auction 4 beacons.
    Starting bid of 40k.
    Auction ends 24 hours after last valid bid.
    Minimum bid increase 500r.
    Don't tell me to lower the starting bid.:)
  2. Too high of a starting bid sorry, that would be the first and last bid.... I suggest starting bid to be 10k then it'll go up higher.
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  3. Didn't see the last part of the auction post.... sorry. :p
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  4. I'm sure there would be only 1 bid but since there's a chance to get more it's a better way of selling something.
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  5. Ill pay 20k if you lower the starting bid.
  6. 4 beacons are worth 31k...
  7. FYI if your welling to take this off the auction and just sell me 2 of them for 15k I will buy :)
  8. I think 1 beacon is worth 10k. so 4 is worth 40k to me. If you payed me 20k, yes.
  9. Then say your are selling them :) A auction is not something to have the last bid be the starting bid, and beacons are about 7.5-10k so you are trying to get the highest price possible here....
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  10. I have no idea were you shop... 1 beacon is worth 8k at THE MOST as of now
  11. Guys, Stop posting now, by now I think he realizes he probably won't get any bids....
  12. Fine... but am I allowed to take it down because of the auction guidelines it say I can't until someone bids...

  13. I see nothing wrong with how he is approaching the auction.
    As long as there are no bids, you are allowed to cancel it if you have a decent reason. Not getting any bids is a fine reason for canceling it. If you want to cancel it, just report the original post, stating that you request it closed because of [reason].
  14. Actually Todd_vinton sells them for 11k and everywhere else people sell it for 10k.
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  15. That's only smp1 and 9
  16. Auction closed.
  17. aswell as smp5 and smp6
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