[Auction] 3x Silk Touch,Efficiency IV,Unbreaking III Wooden PIckaxes

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  1. This Chest Includes:

    -3x Wooden Pickaxe Silk Touch I, Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III


    Starting Bid: 10r

    Min bid increasement: 1r

    Auction ends 24 after last bid.

    (I spent 30 levels on every pickaxe)
  2. I mean 10R, I hit the wrong number, and EMC won't let me edit it.
  3. I'll be sure to take pics of the burning of the picks.
  4. Sparertoater is in the lead with 10r
  5. Do you think you can beat me Saj?
  6. I think I CAN
  7. 23R.
  8. 26r
  9. 30R? Come on, don't bet higher then me again.
  10. 31r
  12. LOOOO.jpg
  13. Time to get cereal.

  14. 500r Bow down to me.
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  15. Want to know what?!!!
    You suck...:(
  16. /ban
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