[ AUCTION ] 3939 faith and robots mega enchantment pack

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  1. picks included:
    Unbreaking III, efficiency III, fortune II
    fortune II
    2x Unbreaking III
    Fortune I, Efficiency II
    fortune III, efficiency V
    Fortune III
    silk touch I
    3x efficiency III
    3x fortune I, efficiency III
    3x Unbreaking III, fortune III, efficiency IV
    unbreaking III, fortune II, efficiency III
    Efficiency IV
    Unbreaking III, efficiency III
    2x unbreaking III, efficiency IV
    fortune II, efficiency III
    efficiency II

    auction ending: auction ends 36 hours after past bidder
    starting bid: 4k
    minimum increments: 500

    condition: All picks have never been
  2. plz increase by 500
  3. I am out
  4. that means coffee_bullet is in the lead, come on guys this pack is easily worth over 20k :D
  5. It is worth 40k or more
  6. Coffee_bullet
    Is in the lead!
    This Epic Pack is worth more than 20k!
  7. 333kirby
    Leads with
  8. Rayson1357 is
    In the lead
    Lead with
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  9. You guys are auctioning this stuff off? I thought you were going to do orders. xD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.