[ Auction ] 3 Unopened Cupid Bundles {promo}

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  1. Item: 3 unopened Cupid Bundles (promo)
    Starting bid: 50k
    Minimum increment: 1k
    End time: 2 days after last valid post.

    Pick up at 8490 on smp4 or I can mail to you
  2. I'll do that, 50,000 rupees bid.
  3. I'll bid 51,000 rupees.
  4. 100.001k
  5. ops, correcting, is 100.000 rupees, without the k
  6. Minimum increment: 1k
    you increased the bid only for 1rupee -.-
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  7. I misread. 101.000 is my bid.
  8. woops not what i meant -.- forget it :p
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  9. Can we please stop with the spam in chat every 5 minutes for your auctions? It's really excessive and against chat rules.
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  10. 105,000r
  11. 106.000r
  12. Please wait 3 hours after a post before bumping, thank you.

  13. 108,000r
  14. 110.000r
  15. 111,000r
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.