[Auction] 3 Starter Items (Axe and armor)

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  1. Alright so today I've got for you some simple pieces of starting Armor- I don't have a use for them so I thought I'd put 'em on here for someone to use. Or display.

    The contents of this auction are as follows:
    One Starter Pickaxe (Unbreaking III)
    One Starter Boots (Unbreaking I)
    One Starter Leggings (Unbreaking I)

    As you know, they are all Soulbound and will not drop on death. Cool right?

    Bidding starts at 2,500 rupees.
    Minimum Bidding Increment is 100 rupees.
    Auction ends tomorrow, 10/24/2014, at 01:30pm EMC time.

    The winner will need to pay within the next 24 hours from that time, and I will mail them the items via EMC Mail System.

    Thank you for your consideration and may the odds be ever in your favour.

  2. i won :D yah i won yah!
  3. Yes you did! Now, I am checking to see if you paid me already, and if so then the items are yours!

    Remember, everything auctioned by MomoYakushi is 100% charity driven- all of the proceeds will be going to various nonprofit projects designed to help the users of EMC. Thank you for your support and be sure to be on the look out for more auctions!

    This Auction is now closed, and no further bids will be accepted.
  4. ummm i cant go on EMC yet so i will be a while to pay just finding my password for minecraft k?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.