[Auction] 3 Enchanted Bows (1 Lucky Bow!)

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  1. Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Wooden Fortresses 6th Auction! This Auction is special to the Wooden Fortress, because we have 3 Bows that are being auctioned off...... 1 of which is a EMC Lucky Bow! I got the Lucky Bow from voting as you can see in the pictures.

    x1 Lucky Bow
    • Unbreaking X
    • Power V
    • Looting IV
    • Soulbound (Will not drop on death)
    • Final (Cannot be modified or repaired)
    I got these 2 Bows from killing 2 enraged skeletons!
    x2 Enchanted Bows
    • Unbreaking III
    • Power III
    Auction Rules:

    Starting Bid: 7,500r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100r
    Auction Ends: 48 Hours after previous valid bid
    Pick-up is at the SMP5 server at address 10225 in the Auction Storage Room.
    I offer free delivery to any SMP server, but those who request delivery must provide me a secure drop off location as always. Keep in mind that I'm a busy person in real life.

    Happy Bidding! ;)
    2014-08-26_19.29.02.png 2014-08-26_19.29.06.png
  2. I'll buy bow for 8k
  3. Title is a little misleading. You should have it changed to say something like [Auction] at the start.
  4. The post not having an "[Auction]" at the beginning was my fault. I didn't notice that until this morning.
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  5. About 13 hours and 20 minutes left before Dragonhawk32 takes them for 22.5k!
  6. Auction Closed

    Winner: Dragonhalk32 for 22.5k!
  7. aww, i was just about to bid :(
  8. Sorry to hear that, however, the auction ended around 8:40 PM last night, so I just now got it closed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.