[AUCTION] 3 DC's of Swiftness, 8:00 Potions

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  1. Item: 3 double chests of swiftness 8:00 potions.
    Where items are at: 8429 ~ smp4.
    Starting bid: 3,000r
    Minimum bid increase: 250r
    Happy Bidding! :D

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  2. EDIT: Sorry, forgot to add that the auction ends 48 hours after the last bid. :p
  3. Bump - Would anyone like to bid?
  4. i think the starting price is too high
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  5. Bump - Would anyone like to bid? Just one of these DC's sell for 3K...
  6. 3k
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  7. Bump ~ The highest bid is 4K, keep bidding!
  8. This is currently an invalid auction because there is not an end time (typically auction ends 24 hours after last valid bid).
    Please ask a moderator to advise.
    Thank you, and I am sorry that I just noticed.
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  9. This was an edit by me, and I noticed that as well.
  10. Parker edited it to so that the auction ends after 48hrs after last bid I beleive.
  11. oops i meant that to cadgamer sorry
  12. Oh I missed the edit (white text).
    So this is a valid auction. Thanks.
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  13. bumpy bump
  14. bump - Would anyone like to go higher that 5K for these tasty potions?
  15. *than
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