[AUCTION] 3 Dcs of Hardened Clay & Sand

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  1. Anyways, here we are with Another Auction from your Friendly Neighborhood Walrus, and this time, its

    3 DCs of Hardened Clay
    3 DCs of Sand

    Anyways, lets get on with It!

    Item: 3 Dcs each of Hardened Clay and Sand
    Starting Bid: 12000r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 800r
    Auction End: 48 Hours after last Valid bid
  2. Is it possible to get just a DC of sand? If so, 5k.
  3. Lottie, no

    you have to bid for the Whole thing
  4. yep all or nothing 15k
  5. Shame...
  6. Waluigi_Head_by_Xander_son_of_Xereus.jpg
    This is waluigi's Head


    also Bump
  7. whiskers.jpg
    Only 2 Hours till Steve Wins
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.