[AUCTION] 3 DCs Multicolored Zombie Virus!

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  1. "Do not consume"? But why, they're so cute...

    I t e m:
    DC Zombie Virus of Fire Resistance, DC Splash Zombie Virus of Regeneration, DC Zombie Virus of Swiftness

    S t a r t i n g . B i d: 1,000 rupees
    M i n i m u m . B i d . I n c r e m e n t s: 100 rupees
    A u c t i o n . E n d i n g . T i m e: 24 hours after last valid bid

    Happy bidding, from us at the lab ~

  2. 10k dis b sum speshul stuff
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  3. rait, derfour: 12k
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  4. I'm kinda confused.. How did this happen?
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  5. Agreed. Do zombies drop these now, or can you now brew things into viruses?
  6. Yeah, that's kinda where I'm at.. how this happened >_<
  7. This was synthesized, not a natural drop.
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  8. How'd you get the "DO NOT CONSUME" thing on it?
  9. A good lab team c:
  10. No seriously, lol
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