Auction - 2x Labor Bench

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by xHaro_Der, Nov 5, 2013.

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  1. Item - 2x labor bench
    Starting bid - 12k
    Minimum increase - 1r
    Auction ends 11/6/13 3:30 PM EST

    Good luck.
  2. 12k.
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  3. Bump, still only 6k a piece, great deal :)
  4. Can you please post what time zone you are in so that I may add it to the post above to help bidders? =)
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  5. Oh, I thought I had posted that. It's EST, sorry.
  6. Added to op =)
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  7. May I ask what these do?
    Ohh and..
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  8. You right click with them in your hand to craft, you don't have to place them.
  9. Allows you to craft via a 3x3 anywhere
    Oh, and
    14,001r :p
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  10. thanks and sorry but 14,002r :p
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  11. Bump ;) ends in 9 hours
  12. 14003
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  13. EDIT: :( I was at school until now. ;_;
  14. Sorry, brbear has won. I'll setup access once I receive patment.

    Also if you want some benches I have more you can PM me and we can discuss dh
Thread Status:
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