~/\{[AUCTION]}/\~ 2x labor bench

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by xHaro_Der, Nov 3, 2013.

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  1. Item: 2x labor bench
    Starting price: 12k
    Minimum bid increment: 1r because why not
    Auction ends tomorrow at 3:30 PM EST

    Pickup at /v 1148 SMP1 after payment has been received.

  2. It's over.
  3. Nao. Bump
  4. 12k.
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  5. 20 minutes early but night bump.
  6. Hey Hey Hey! I want to win this, don't you go bumping it :p
  7. So when does this auction end? The time stated in the OP has already been passed, even before there was a bid.
  8. 1 hour to go :p Was yesterday 8:30 am, he said "tomorrow"Meaning today 3:30 :p
  9. Oh dear, this is confusing now. >.< His post was yesterday at 4:16 PM for me, and I am in US central time. That would mean that his tomorrow was actually today, since EST is only an hour ahead of me. But if he is not in the US, but was using EST as an easy time zone to remember, he could be in your situation. :p I think this is why the auction rules require a clearly defined time. :)
  10. Yes lol, were you going to bid? lol
  11. The auction is over because the auction ending at 3:30pm today . so any bids after are invalid Haro I recommend starting auction over.
  12. I bidded at like 11am here :p
  13. Because it is EST, I bidded within the accpetable time limit.
  14. Sorry but that's not how time works. The auction ended at 3:30pm est your bid was at 8:08pm est.
  15. Isn't the EST now only 4:34?
  16. Eastern stationary Time meaning Eastcoast timezone of North America. It's currently 1:09am Est
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.