[AUCTION] 2x Empire Firework, 1x Orebuster

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by guhenry3, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. Items:
    2x Empire Fireworks (New Years)
    1x Orebuster (Would of put 7 if I didn't get griefed)
    Starting Price: 200,000
    Minimum Increment: 500r
    End: 48 hours after last bid

    I'm leaving EMC permanently, and I won't be coming back.
  2. Starting price is way to high, just so you know :p
  3. How much should it be?
  4. Or buster is 10k the emc fireworks are not selling as hot as I thout they were. There been selling for 10k a piece
  5. ore busters are going more towards 15k atm and emc fireworks sell for around 25k
  6. Yea the orbbusters are between 10-15 and the emc fireworks I h e not seen one sell for over 20k mostly like 8-15k
  7. I've seen one for about 35k ingame
  8. Well try selling Ingame too then I only look on threads for expensive items, usually cheaper.
  9. ive sold 6 for 160k, thats over 25k each, not to mention ive seen some go for 35k , i have never seen them go for less than 20k
  10. My first one went for 20k my second 10k
  11. then your very unlucky
  12. Guys, this is still an auction thread. Stay on topic, and OP start with around 20k mebbe? I have no idea what things are worth since I just started again few days ago :)
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  13. I might change it later if no one bids, but not now.
  14. Im gonna stop the auction, because no one is bidding
  15. This starting price is crazy high. I would start with 30k or so.
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