(Auction) 2x Dc of Grass blocks.

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  1. Auctioning of Grass blocks.

    Min starting bid 2500 r

    min bid increase 1 r

    auction ends 24hrs after last valid bid.

    Did you build so much on your res?

    Would you like a second res?

    Well with these grass blocks you could build a second res, high in the sky 175 blocks high up.

    Just think of the possibilities.
  2. Well it looks like Faithcaster has won the auction with 4k high bid. Congrats Faithcaster, you may pick up your winnings @3292Spawn on smp2 after payment has been made. Thank you all for bidding.
  3. Thank you for your payment, chests are set up and ready to go. Pick up is at your convenience.
    This Auction is now closed.
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