[AUCTION] 2spooky Halloween Auction

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  1. For all you Halloween-lovers out there, this is for you!
    Become a mad decorator and smite your foes with the power of darkness!

    1 DC of Pumpkins
    1 DC of Cobwebs
    1 DC of Torches

    54 Mob Heads as follows:
    27 Zombie Heads
    11 Skeleton Heads
    8 Spider Heads
    5 Cave Spider Heads
    3 Wither Skeleton Heads

    1 Vault Voucher
    1 Stable Voucher
    2 Headless Horseman Mask (both used)
    1 Spooky Egg
    1 Pot of Gold (renamed "Brewing Cauldron;" used)

    Soul Bludgeon
    (Efficiency V Sharpness V Diamond Axe)
    Imp Bow
    (Power V, Punch II, Flame I, Infinity I Bow)
    Marlix's Armor
    (Protection V, Unbreaking V, Final, Soulbound, "Forged in the depths of the Nether...")

    Starting Bid: 6,666r
    Minimum Increment: 1k (1000r)
    Auction End Time: 31st of October, 11:59pm EMC time (a minute before midnight...!)

    Make your bid, and happy haunting!

    Let us go out this evening for pleasure.
    The night is still young.
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  2. 6666
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  3. Is it all the marlix set?
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  4. Just the chestplate is listed up there. :p
  5. *whistles*
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  6. Meh i'm out, but I want those pumpkins and cobwebs ;-;
  7. Is this auction 2spooky4u????