[AUCTION] 27 Sharpness V Enchanted Books

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  1. Books for all your pointy sticks!

    Items: 27 Sharpness V Books
    Starting Bid: 10,000 r
    Minimum bid increase: 1 r
    Auction Ending: 48 hrs after last bid

    Pickup is at 6399 on smp3.
  2. *spits out milk*
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  3. Bump...
  4. rekt
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  5. And it seems that Todd_Vinton has won with quite the sum of 70,000 r! You can pick your winnings up at 6399, on smp3, once the money has been paid.
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  6. wow, where was this auction!? i would have def had a bidding war with todd :D
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  7. Ty! Anyway, you two can do that on my next auction: 27 looting 3 books!
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