[Auction] 24 Vault Vouchers!

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Did anyone like my firefloors?

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  1. Items: 24 vault vouchers
    Starting Bid: 192,000r
    Minimum Bid Increase: 1r
    Auction Ending Time: 24 Hours after valid bid
    Items Location: SMP 8 at /v Sgt_Pepper4
    Payment and Pickup Instructions: Payment due within 48 hours of close of auction. Preview Signs are at the Item Location so you can verify that all the items are indeed there and the auction is legitimate. When you win the auction AND I receive payment, I will put up access signs and you can pickup whenever you want at your convenience. That way we wont have to wait until both of us are signed in to complete the deal and you can get your stuff faster :).
    Below is the image of the items you'll recieve at the Item Location. Let me know if there's questions.
    NOTE: Auction rules do NOT allow cancellation of your bid. So there is no issues, please make sure you can bid before placing your bid. ALL BIDS ARE BINDING.
    Have fun! Enjoy!
  2. 240,000 r
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  3. 240.001 rupees
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  4. 1/4 million rupees = 250,000 r
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  5. 250.001
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  6. Since it's been over 24 hours since my last bid, I will send over the payment of 250.001 rupees and wait for you to mail the vouchers. :)
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  7. Lol sorry about that. Thanks for keeping track! It's over folks! Thank you so much for bidding! Close it up!