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  1. Item: 24 double chests of string

    Starting Bid: 25,000r

    Minimum Bid increments: 500r

    Auction ends: 24hours after last valid bid

    pickup: res 9272 on smp4
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  2. ...25k
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  3. bump, can't believe nobody is bidding on this. you gonna get this for a steal
  4. Lol this is worth a good 110k (not a bid)

    But I have more string then this ;)
  5. i guess shavingfoam won... as soon as you pay access signs will be placed on the chests
  6. no worries,
    tell him to follow red torches path to auction chest pickups.

  7. 30k
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  8. sorry auctions over shavingfoam won with a bid of 28k
  9. there will be another soon...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.