[Auction] 23 Silk touch picks

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Bunkerllama, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. Auctioning off 23 silk touch picks
    Eff III, Unbreak, III Silk Touch I x10
    Silk Touch x13
    Eye of Ender x4
    Block of Emerald x1
    64 Bookshelves
    and 5 Emeralds

    Bidding Starts at 100r
    Maximum Bid increase is 200r
    Bidding ends 24 hours after last bid
    Pickup will be at 2114 on smp1
    Enjoy :) 2012-08-08_22.37.07.png
  2. Woah, sorry to post my selling thread just as you posted this!:/
  3. No problem man, lol
  4. oh, nvm he posted just as i posted, 1.7k
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  5. 6.2k
  6. This is in violation of auction rules since you can only auction enchanted items, dragon eggs, or a complete double chest of the same fully stacked item. You may not add anything else to an auction.
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  7. 12.2k maximum bid is 200r
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  8. That's what I thought. Oh well it exceeds my max anyhow.
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