[Auction] 216 Player Heads

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  1. Item: 216 Player heads
    Starting bid: 2,160 rupees
    Minimum Increments: 100 rupees
    Ending Time: 24 hours after the last valid bid

    It's going to be very tedious to list off each head, but the rules state I have to, so here I go.

    1x Raw_Sheep_Eater
    1x Jimpixs
    1x Jade_TheWolf
    1x Deadmaster98
    1x Gonzoaaron28
    1x Beckham_caleb
    1x Schanaman10 (May have spelled that name wrong)
    1x Jaison321
    1x kayandmeg
    1x Mockingjgirl
    1x LavaSlime
    1x Matthew_Dl
    1x Kaylee1214
    1x Cutelittlefox123
    1x Lila926
    1x Tommerle
    1x _RedSpectre_
    1x Monkey1878
    2x Mjakob
    2x CaveSpider
    2x PackJohn
    2x Djfabioisawesome (May have spelled that wrong too)
    2x Garmantribe
    2x Jay2a
    2x ___Honey_Dew___
    3x John4s13
    3x Chizmaro
    3x Thexfactor02
    4x MushroomCow
    4x Cadgamer202
    4x Chicken
    5x Ethanrowe321
    5x Jmpk23
    6x Deemideem
    8x Olive7079
    10x Blazeknight75
    10x ThePieNinja3000
    12x xXassasin360Xx
    22x Nicstar9000
    31x Golden_Creeper66
    55x jelle68

    Please notify me if I misspelled any heads at all, so I can correct that (Or try to, since I can't edit an auction post).
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  2. 10K.
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  3. Aren't player and mob heads (MushroomCow, Chicken, LavaSlime, and CaveSpider) not allowed to be mixed unless there's a minimum of 54 of each? I counted 11 mobs heads

    If it's a valid auction, then 13.1k
  4. I looked over the auction rules, and they said you only can't add other head items. They're MHF (Minecraft head format) Player heads. Which means, even though they're mob heads, they're still the player head item and can be auctioned off with other player heads.
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