[Auction] 2015 Thanksgiving Promo Bundle

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  1. 2015 T-day Promo Item Pack includes:

    Auction items: 2x Turkey Slicers
    32x Cooked Turkey ("Cluck, cluck, gobble?")
    15x Feast For A King papers
    6 Stacks of Cake (384 cakes - hard to find stacked like this)

    Opening Bid: 1r

    Minimum bid increment: 1k r

    Auction ends: 48 hrs after last valid bid

    Pickup: chest @ 16299 @ smp8 after payment rec'd

  2. Cooke turkey must be auctione in minimum quantities of 64 as it is a special mob drop, Turkey slicer also need to be auctioned in 64 apparently as they are also in special mob drops
  3. The slicer can be auctioned off one at a time as it is considered a promo as the year before.
  4. No, the Thanksgiving Event Turkey Slicer is a special mob drop not a promo, but it's also an enchanted item, so it can be auctioned in any quantity.

    Beyond the cooked turkey needing a full stack however, the cake must be auctioned in full DC quantity as it is still a regular item - in cake terms that's 54 cakes/DC stacked or not. 384/54 is not an even DC number - you can't say 7.11 DCs of cake at auction.
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  5. Totally forgot about that :p
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