[Auction] 2015 Labor Day Bench

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to do anther auction! :D Here goes nothing! (Currently at Something Fishy Event, so let's hurry up here :p)

    Item: 2015 Labor Day Bench
    Starting Bid: 10.5k
    Minim Bid Increment: 530r
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after the last valid bid
    Pickup information: smp2, /v +4390MM.

    Happy bidding!

  2. Bump! (Sorry If I'm a little bit early, my clock goes fast.)
  3. If your clock goes fast then you can use the time stamps at the bottom of the posts .-.
  4. Also, about an hour early
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  5. Please no double posts. 10.5k!!!!
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  6. Apologizes ;) Couldn't edit my first post

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  7. *Cough 15k :p
  8. That is not a rule.
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  9. Lol :p
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  10. Bump! 1 Day Left!
  11. He placed his bid on Monday, it's Thursday. He should have won by now >.>

    Or is it just your clock going slow this time?
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  12. nope. you're right. I was going back and forth bettween this. Ok... He'll pay. sending now.