[AUCTION] 2013 4th July Empire Firework

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Do Haunted Head Auction Next?

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  1. Empire Firework:

    Starting Price- 9k

    Auction ends- 48 Hours after last bid

    Pick-up-Left of spawn at 12100 on SMP6
  2. 9k, min bid increment?
  3. Not quite sure what the min bid increment is, but I hope 10k is a safe bid
  4. oops forgot that sorry :p

    Minimum Bid Increase- 1000r
  5. Bump BlacKnight1021 is winning with 13k! It's 4th Of July not New Years!
  6. Bump, Killed 3 Marlix today :D
  7. I believe I have won, and i just paid.
  8. Yup Congrats I'll put up sign
    Pick up 12100 on left
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