[Auction] 20 Echanted Items! Swords, Picks, Shovels, Axe, and Armor!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by creepincreepers7, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. I've got a big auction for you guys:
    Item Description:

    Lets start with the picks- All of which are diamond and full durability.
    1x Fortune III
    1x Efficiency IV
    1x Unbreaking III Fortune III
    2x Unbreaking III Efficiency IV

    Next the swords- All diamond at full durability.
    1x Sharpness IV Knockback II Looting III
    1x Bane of Arthropods IV Looting III
    1x Smite IV

    Now the shovels- All diamond at full durability.
    1x Fortune II Efficiency III
    1x Efficiency IV
    1x Unbreaking III Efficiency IV

    The axe- Diamond at full durability.
    1x Unbreaking III Fortune III Efficiency IV

    Now to the armor sets. All are diamond with full durability

    Will start with the helmets.
    1x Blast Protection III Aqua Affinity I
    1x Protection III Respiration III

    Now the Chestplates.
    1x Blast Protection IV Thorns II
    1x Fire Protection III Thorns II

    Next the leggings.
    1x Protection III
    1x Fire Protection III

    And lastly, the boots.
    1x Blast Protection IV
    1x Projectile Protection IV

    Starting Bid : 2k (2,ooor)

    Minimum Bid Increments: 100r

    Auction Ending Time: 24 hours after the previous bid.

    Sorry for the lengthy post but it happens when you're selling 20 items right?
    Good luck, and as always, happy biding!

  2. Wow you replied fast... That was like only 7 minutes haha.
  3. I believe this is called a bump...
  4. 15k and 100 r
  5. 16k my good friend
  6. Deathconn will win in around 4 hours for 17k!
  7. i win in 14 mins :D
  8. Unless Deathconn says otherwise, I'm afraid you were barely too late.
  9. 3 mins too late my friend : ) i win :D
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  10. Yup I saw the same thing. Deathconn Wins!
  11. Lost by 3 minutes... Can I at least hand buy some of the picks off of you?
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  12. Sure PM me and we can figure something out.
  13. I'm actually holding another auction. It'll hopefully be up by tonight.
  14. Well... This is already tonight, by 3 am then... However my bed is calling me, I might not make it.
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