<=[ AUCTION ]=> 20 DC's of Ender Pearls (Spring Cleaning)

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Moar Spring Cleaningness?

Yush please! 7 vote(s) 77.8%
NO. Just no. 2 vote(s) 22.2%
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  1. Items : 20 Double Chests of Ender Pearls (17,280 Ender pearls)

    Starting Bid : 1 Rupee

    Minimum Bid Increment : 69 Rupees

    Auction Ending Time : 48 hours after the last rule following bid
    Pick-Up Location : Residence # 5244 Utopia


    *NOTE* I give credit to vividOptimism for the "Spring Cleaning" auction title (Nice idea!)

    More random items to come! :D
  2. Ninja'ed by Bob
  3. I wonder why :rolleyes:.....

  4. Well. Nothing out of the ordinary here. 70r.
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  5. Since 668 is invalid... 669!
  6. Bump of the pearls!
  7. That's 1.5r per pearl! This is a STEAL!
  8. 4k. Pun, incoming!

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  9. Kaja_the_pug is in teh lead! WIth 6k!
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