(auction) 2 silk touch pickaxes

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  1. 2 efficiency 3, unbreaking 3, silk touch 1 iron pickaxes
    starting bid: 1,000 rupees
    minimum bid increase is 100 rupees
    auction 24 hours after the last valid bid
    this is my first auction so sorry if it's a bad one :p
  2. sorry forgot the pickup thing
    whoever wins will be given access to a chest at my res (1556 on smp1) after payment
  3. Meh, first auction. I'll start. 1k
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  4. You will not win this battle, 1.6k!
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  5. runtaylorrun1 is in the lead with 1.6k for the silkers
  6. This is trechery! Im out.
  7. not a bump. you're bidding against yourself?
  8. ya why bid against yourself?

  9. bumpedy bump bump, bump bump!
  10. bump for the night owls keep on bidding!
  11. alright somebody121 has won the auction please pay me and you'll be given to the chest on 1556, smp1
  12. alright you now have access enjoy!:)
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  13. ok I,m going to report this thread and have it deleted now since you've gotten the picks have fun
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.