[AUCTION] 2 Incitatus/1 Saltar

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  1. Im auctioning 2 Incitatus's (Speed Horse) and 1 Saltar (Jumping Horse)

    Starting Bid: 7000r (7k)
    Lowest Bid Increase aloud: 100r
    Pick up 11114 SMP5
    Ends after 48 Hours of last VALID bid.

    Incitatus #1
    Chestnut Whitefield
    130% Speed
    58.79% Jump
    19.00 Health

    Incitatus #2
    Chestnut Black Dots
    130% Speed
    56.15% Jump
    24.oo Health

    Dark Brown White Dots
    81.66% Speed
    100% Jump
    25.00 Health
  2. Looks familiar....

  3. really... 10.2k
  4. 16k........
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  5. are u serious... 17k
  6. Looks like you are both serious. 17.5k
  7. omg kill me.... 18k
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.