[AUCTION] 2 Double Chests Full Of Misc. Items [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Amazin_Swordfish, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. I am auctioning off 2 double chests FULL of random items from ores to dirt.

    starting bid: 500r
    minimum bid increments: 150r
    bid ends: 24 ours after last bid is posted
  2. Screen shot please!
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  3. Did this mystery auction get mod approval?
    ^ That's an honest question by the way, not trying to be a jerk, I just didn't know this was allowed.
  4. I hope its not all dirt my friend.
  5. umm now i wonder why i did that
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  7. umm does this mean i did something terribly wrong?
  8. No, you have not. I mean, it says not to bid, but the problem here is not you :)
    This is just a coaching opportunity to let the OP know that he needs to get mod approval for this sort of an auction.
  9. ok thanks for telling me
  10. geeze can't auction off anything without a goody-two-shoes gettin' her panties in a twist!!!!!! So i guess the auction is ended (sheesh!!).
  11. The rules are there for a reason. I was kind when I pointed them out, and I wish I could say the same for your reaction.
  12. :rolleyes:*every party has a pooper that's why we invited you* :rolleyes:
  13. Just ask Icc, it might get approved.
  14. well ive already sold it so please stop posting on this thread
  15. Next time please follow the rules, in the end it will only get you banned from auctions and marketplace - and trust me... thats not funny ;D
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