[Auction]2 Double Chest Full of Sandstone[CLOSED]

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  1. 2 Double Chest Full of Sandstone

    Starting Bid:2000 rupees
    Minimuim Bid Increasement:500 rupees
    Auction Will End After 24 Hours After Last Bid
    Pick up:Utopia 5364
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  2. sorry for the 2 same here is the other one
  3. Cant do this buddy! Sorry! Auction it ONE double chest at a time. :)
  4. This is an INVALID thread, please do not bid.
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  5. Like other you would need permission from a mod i think.
  6. Dang! Repost them separately, ill bid right away!
  7. sorry i didnt know only one double chest full of sandstone sorry auction CLOSED
  8. OMG i need this ill pay you 8k for it all now.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.