[Auction] 2 DCs of Iron Ingots

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Kalzahar, Apr 28, 2013.

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  1. Item: 2 Double Chests of Iron Ingots
    Starting Bid: 10,000 Rupees
    Minimum Increment: 1,000 Rupees
    Auction Ending and Pickup: The auction will end 24 hours after the final valid bid with no other bids after it. Pickup will be at /v Kadboy 2 on Utopia. 2013-04-28_16.15.18.png
  2. Bump. The current bid only puts each ingot at just under 2R!
  3. I won. I think :)
  4. yes you did, today is wednesday, so itsalmost been 48 hours.
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  5. Sorry, I wasn't able to get on yesterday, but yes you did win. Once I receive the payment I'll setup the access chests. :)
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  6. Ignore that then
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  7. The auction is already over, look at the post right above yours. :p
  8. My bad...
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