[AUCTION 2 DC's Clay. 1 DC hardened uncolored blocks. 1 DC of clay blocks

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  1. 2 DC's of Clay

    1 DC hardened uncolored blocks

    1 DC of clay Blocks

    Perfect if you want to make brick or red brick block or cook it up and have 2 DC"s of hard clay and color it the way you like.

    Starting Bid 1,000R
    Bid Increase 500R

    Auction Ends 48 hours after LAST VALID bid.

    Preview set up at /V +Merek on smp2. Use the Auction teleport.
  2. 25,000r
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  3. 37,500r
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  4. Bumping this just so you guys know I'll be on top of it. I will have access signs ready to go. Looks like a waiting game unless someone wants to steal this from ArkWarrior1.
  5. ArkWarrior1 Has won the bid. Please make payment. Access signs are ready. Thanks Everyone!!!