(auction) 2 dc of wool. winner mix and match

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  1. 2 double chest of wool.
    Winner chooses colors.
    Mix and match any colors you want. Colors must be in full stacks.
    Ends 24 hours after last bid.
    Starting 1000 rupees.
    Minimum bid 100.
    Cad approved.
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  2. Uno K'elo!
  3. Woah what? dang nevermind
  4. sheep.png

    Pateraterick in the lead with 6k.
  5. Will it be possible to buy 2 of the same color? or must be diff?
  6. If you would like it all one color that would be fine.
  7. On what server will it be delivered? Thanks.
  8. I can deliver to any server. It is housed on smp4.
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  9. 7000r
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.