[AUCTION] 2 DC of Stone

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  1. [AUCTION] 2 DC of Stone
    Item: 2 Double Chests of Stone (6912 Total Stone)
    Starting Bid: 1000r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100r
    Auction Ending Time: 36 hours after last valid bid (or 36 hours w/o a bid)

    Upon completion, I will post the winner of the auction and put access signs on the chests. Please visit 19398 on smp9 to receive your 2 double chests of stone. For any questions or concerns feel free to contact GeistKitsune. Thanks!
  2. BUMP

    Highest Bid : 5k
    Highest Bidder : crossbones
    Auction Ends in Approx. 26 hours
  3. 5100 <.< >.>
  4. BUMP

    Highest Bidder : DragonXaI
    Highest Bid : 5300 r
  5. BUMP

    Highest Bid : 5.7k
    Highest Bidder : M4nic_M1ner
  6. BUMP

    Highest Bid : 5.7
    Highest Bidder : N4nic_M1ner

    Auction ends in about 5 hours if nobody bids!

    Winner : M4nic_M1ner
    Winning Bid : 5.7k
    Payment : Pending
    Pickup at 19398 smp9 upon payment
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.