[auction] 2 DC of potions and enchanted items

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by MrWhosMagic, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. Hey guys, today im auctioning of a DC of night vision potions and some other enchanted items. Good luck!

    DC of night vision 8 min
    DC of Fire resistance Potions 8 minutes
    Unbreaking III Fortune II Efficiency III Diamond Pick
    Unbreaking III Silk touch I Efficiency IV Diamond Pick
    Unbreaking III Efficiency IV Diamond Pick
    Protection III Book x2
    Unbreaking III Book
    Fire Protection III Diamond Boots
    Protection III Respiration III Diamond Helmet
    Protection III Thorns II Diamond Chestplate
    Sharpness IV Knockback II Diamond Sword

    Starting Price: 8k

    Minimum Bid Increments 300r

    Ending time: 48 hours after last bid (Valid)

    Pick Up: 15177 on the left of spawn
  2. 8,382
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  3. Me = Bored = Overbid myself = 10k.
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  4. Ooops sorry too early :( Sorry guys just saw the time then lol
  5. SirZomb in the lead with 10k and 24 hours till he wins! Bump!
  6. Bump xD Amanbush in the lead with 20.3k! He will win in 44 hours
  7. Bump! 32 hours to go! Someone can surely out bid!
  8. Bump! 20 hours left
  9. Around 8 hours last, last bump, and then the winner will be pronounced xD Good luck :p
  10. Looks like I won!
  11. You have won :D I will set up the access chests straight away :D Congratulations!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.