[Auction] 2 DC of Muchrooms "1 Red, 1 Brown"

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Deathtomb8953, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Auction Items: 3456 Red mushrooms, 3456 Brown mushrooms

    Starting Bid: 1r

    Minimum bid: 100r

    Auction Conclusion: 48 hours after last valid bid.
  2. Bump, guess no one wants mushrooms, wow.
  3. Dang, that must have taken a looong time to gather up. I would bid 20k but... well I can't xD
  4. bump, We got mushrooms for days here folks!
  5. 5,000r
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  6. Sorry for being a day later here, but you win, im sure you know the drill. Pick up at 18399
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  7. Will pay and pickup as soon as I can.
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  8. figured you forgot, just a friendly reminder
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  9. Oh my goodness I am so sorry. Have paid with a little extra for my forgetfulness.
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