[AUCTION] 2 Beacons!!!!

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    2 BEACONS!!

    Also, These beacons are VERY special Because we got these in the video
    "EMC Lets Play Ep.2 "Wither Destruction"
    Starting Price: 15k
    Minimum bid Increasement: 100r
    Auction Ends 48 Hours after the last bid
    Pickup on me Res!

    REMEMBER! All this money helps us fund more things like wither battles for:


  2. Sorry Photos messed up Here it is!
  3. Minner... You should have seen the smp3 wither battles we had. We fought four withers at a time!
    [F=1]Also, 15.1k [/F]
  4. Bump!
    Invalid bid
  5. Sorry got NINJAD it didn't even show at all
  6. Bump :3
    SquiggleyJeff in the lead :D
  7. Sqiggely wins in 15 hours!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.