[AUCTION] 2 Beacons starting at 16.5k

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by coolischriis6, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. Avast fellow sheep! I am in need of money, so I decided to sell 2... YES 2 of my very own beacons at 16.5k. Wait... whoops I'm AUCTIONing them. If interested, meet my at SMP1's town spawn with your money READY to go!
    RULES! :3
    1. Don't come unprepared. If you say you have the money and don't give ALL of it, I'll report due to lying...
    2. Do not bribe for the beacons for FREE. I'll also report...
    3. There's one thing I don't like about auctioning things. So called "questions" where they ask "Oh jerry do you have the beacons for real?" or something like that. Yes I do have the beacons so do NOT worry :)
    I'll be waiting for you fellow sheep!
    King Sheep signing
  2. Jabr won it online ATM. Soz guys
  3. You mean you have sold these elsewhere?
  4. if so, you have broken the rules, which can result in a ban. especially because i won.
  5. Indeed, unless he can get two more beacons to sell to you at the won price, he can result in blacklisting from the auction feature as well as in game punishments.
  6. You guys should read the op before telling jerry that he will be banned... (facepalm)
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  7. Based on what he just said, I'm guessing that he doesn't have them anymore though,
  8. Isn't what he did against the rules? And too be more clear I meant banned from auctions, not EMC. My bad
  9. Guys -- he posted on the forums stating that he was auctioning these beacons in-game, on smp1. There are no auction guidelines, no bid increments -- no end time given. This is not, and never was meant to be a forum auction. No one should ever have bid here...
  10. I just realised this XD I just saw superg64 bid so i was like "well then, its a challenge!" So I am sorry jerrycusmood for not reading your whole post
  11. lol, same here
  12. probly should of been in a different section though
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  13. and i bid cause i thought it was sad that he didn't get any offers xD
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  14. It's ok guys. I'll be doing more auctions. Maybe a forum auction! :)
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  15. Shouldn't this be in a different forum channel or something? Maybe in Products section and put [InGameAuction]? In game auctions wouldn't need to be in the Auctions section since it wont be bidded on there and does not follow alot of the rules of posting one.
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